Strategic Plan

strategic plan

Pembroke Pines Charter School System 
2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan

On behalf of the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, City Manager Charles Dodge and Mayor Frank Ortis are honored to present the system’s strategic plan, which outlines our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, educational equity, and stakeholder engagement over the next three years. The strategic planning process has not only served as an opportunity to reflect upon prior accomplishments, but also to reemphasize and refocus our continuous improvement efforts to ensure that all children who enter our system receive a world-class education. This strategic plan clearly articulates goals and expectations that target seven specific areas collectively aimed at increasing student achievement.  Specifically, these goals and objectives reflect a common vision and a set of priorities as we embark upon the task of preparing all students for college, career, and life in a rapidly evolving global and technological world.   Please click on the image to review our Strategic Plan.