Vision & Mission


Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School West Campus (PPCMSW) is a mission-driven school that envisions all children achieving educational excellence and becoming productive citizens in this diverse and ever-changing society. Through commitment to high-quality academic standards and partnerships with parents and the community, PPCMSW promotes a culture of achievement that maximizes the potential of all children. In order to achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, Pembroke Pines Charter School System shares a set of core beliefs that directs its actions and serves as an anchor point upon which its entire foundation has been established. Embedded in these beliefs are three essential principles—community, character, and a rigorous curriculum.


All children will achieve educational excellence and become productive citizens in a diverse and ever-changing society. 


Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School is committed to providing a high quality education in a safe and supportive environment that fosters life long learners. In partnership with parents and community, the school promotes a culture of achievement that maximizes the potential of all children empowering them to become positive contributors to society.

We believe that:

  • Each student should have the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.
  • The charter school should actively promote the development of the whole child.
  • All charter school students should be educated in an environment that is safe, orderly, and drug free.
  • All children possess the ability to become critical thinkers and apply problem solving skills in real world situations.
  • All charter school students have the right to be treated in a respectful manner.
  • The entire school community should learn and work in an environment with high academic standards.
  • All charter students should be educated by highly qualified professionals. 
  • All charter school students and staff should be provided with the necessary resources to achieve. 
  • Education is the joint responsibility of family, school, and students; community partnerships and volunteerism are vital to our mission.