Car Rider Pro Information and Links

Parents and Guardians:

In an effort to enhance social distancing at school dismissal, West Middle will be using Car Rider Pro electronic notification.  Families will need to use an electronic car tag to pick their student up in the carline during the dismissal time  of 3:15-3:30pm.

Middle School Dismissal procedures:

* Bus riders will be released to walk to their yellow school bus at 3:15pm each day.

* Walkers: Students who are walking off campus and onto Pembroke Road will be released at 3:15.  Please note, walkers will not be permitted to remain in the loading area.

* AfterCare students will be released to walk to aftercare at 3:15pm each day.

Middle families who wish to use the carline may do so with an E carline tag that will notify the last block teacher that the car is within the school perimeter. Each family will be provided 1 complimentary car tag.  The  bar code tag will hang on the driver's rear view mirror.IMG_0399

We will use these tags on the first days of school.  Tag pick up directions are on the bottom of this email.  

Each family will be given 1 complimentary tag.  Additional tags can be purchased for $5 each. At this time, we are setting up our cashless pay system. This system should be available by September 1. In the meantime, if you need an additional tag, we can accept cash payments in the front office. Please send an email to with your child’s name, grade, and the number of tags needed. 

Students who have a tag from West Elementary, or received a plastic hang tag last year can use them.

Please note, the car line tags that FSU students used in elementary school are not compatible with the West Campus car line tag reader.

All car riders will need to have their tag picked up 24 hours before they are to be used.

Middle school families using the carline without a tag in the car will not be permitted to pick up their child until 3:30pm or later.

Please note, West Elementary carline begins before the Middle School carline.  Families who plan to use the carline to pick up an elementary and middle school student cannot approach the car line tag reader until after 3:15pm. Middle parents who enter the carline prior to 3:15 will be instructed to leave the line, and go to the end.

West Middle Tag Pick-up Times

Aug 13 - 8am-12pm, 1pm-3:30pm

Aug 16 - 8am-12pm, 3:30pm-5:30pm

Aug 17 - 9:30am-12pm, 12:30pm-3:30pm

Come to the Middle School front office, located on Pembroke Road during your registered time.  Also, if you have pre ordered additional tags, they will be available at this time. Please be sure to adhere to your sign up time.

Please call the Middle Main office if you have any questions at (954) 443-4847.

Thank you,