Dress Code Policy

The Pembroke Pines Charter Schools have a mandatory uniform dress code policy. We believe that students have the right to attend a safe and secure school where the focus is on academics. It is the intent of the school program that students be dressed and groomed in an appropriate manner that will not interfere with, or distract from, the school environment or disrupt the educational process. Clothing should follow the dress code in place for the Charter Schools.
1. All students must wear one of the approved uniform outfits. Secondary students must have their ID visibly worn at all times. Students must replace IDs that are damaged.
2. All clothing should fit properly and worn correctly. Revealing clothing or clothing that exposes the torso is not allowed. Denim leggings, jeggings are not allowed. Clothing that exposes the upper thigh including shorts that are rolled up/in are not allowed. Hemmed shorts that are not shorter than mid-thigh, including walking shorts, Bermuda shorts, and split skirts (culottes), are allowed.
3. Jackets/sweatshirts may be worn to school, but must comply with the school colors (solid navy blue, maroon, gray, white) Also, undershirts must be navy blue, maroon, gray, black or white and must be solid with no markings or logos.
4. Sneakers or flat-heeled shoes with enclosed toes and backs are allowed. The following are examples of what is not allowed: backless style shoes, open toed shoes of any type, boots, high sneakers, high platform shoes, or slippers, distracting or mismatched footwear or socks is not allowed.
5. All secondary students enrolled in Physical Education classes will be required to wear a PE uniform tee shirt with the school logo. This shirt will be available for purchase at Planet-T-Uniforms.
6. Clothing, jewelry, buttons, haircuts, and other items or markings which are offensive, revealing, suggestive or indecent, associated with gangs or cults, use of drugs, alcohol or violence, or support discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, linguistic differences, national origin, race, religion, socioeconomic background or sexual orientation are NOT ALLOWED.
7. Any articles of jewelry or clothing that may cause injury, including, but not limited to, belts, collars or bracelets with spikes of any sort, heavy link chains, and wallet chains hanging off belt loops or side/back pockets are NOT ALLOWED.
8. Any hair style that interferes with the learning environment is NOT ALLOWED.
9. This dress code policy allows reasonable accommodations based on a student’s religion, disability, or medical condition.
10. Dress Down event attire must follow SBBC Policy. Also, tops may not be transparent, spaghetti straps, or mid-drift. Bottoms must be blue/black denim jeans with no rips, holes or jeggings/joggers permitted.
All violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

Remember all students agreed to the uniform policy in order to be able to attend Pembroke Pines Charter School. Refer to the Broward County Public Schools’ Code of Student Conduct booklet for further clarification of the dress code.