General Clinic Rules

The school maintains a health clinic located in the Administration Office, available for all students. Parents will be notified to pick up their children if a student is too ill to stay in school.  It is important that the Focus Emergency Contact reflects up-to-date information on health problems, addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. No medication will be administered or dispensed to any student without an Authorization for Medication Form. This form is available on our website or our school clinic.

Dispensing of Medications

If a student needs to take prescription or non-prescription medication during the school day, the parent must bring the medication to the school. The parent is the only authorized person who can bring the medication and the Authorization for Medication Form to the clinic. This includes those students who self-carry/self-administer. The physician must complete the form before medication is accepted and permission granted. It is imperative that those students who are authorized to self-carry/self-administer emergency medications such as epinephrine auto-injectors/Auvi-Q auto injectors for anaphylaxis understand the necessity of reporting to the teacher, front office or school nurse that they have self-administered without any improvement so 911 may be called. Those students who self administer using inhalers for asthma should report to the front office or school nurse if symptoms do not improve.  

Forms are available in the main office or by clicking on the following links for printable copies.